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My Privacy Multi-User 3.1
Thursday, 12 May 2005
My Privacy Multi-User enables a user with the Administrator rights to determine a policy of ensuring personal privacy for each PC user. Thus, you will be sure in non-disclosure of private information of both you and other PC users that is of crucial importance in case of shared access to a PC. My Privacy supports Netscape and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Download security software: My Privacy Multi-User 3.1

Developer: Smart PC Solutions, LLC

Folder Guard Standard 7.5
Wednesday, 11 May 2005
Folder Guard® is a powerful computer security program that lets you restrict access to various computer resources. If you share your computer with others, you can use Folder Guard to stop other users from opening your personal files, or you can completely hide your files until a password is entered. You can also protect sensitive system files from modification or destruction, disable access to the removable drives, restrict access to Control Panel and applications, and much more

Download security software: Folder Guard Standard 7.5

Developer: WinAbility Software Corporatio

1st Security Agent Pro 6.04
Wednesday, 11 May 2005
1st Security Agent is an excellent password-protected security utility to secure Windows-based computers. It works under any Windows platform and offers an administrative support for controlling which users are allowed to access your computer and the level of access each user may have. You can choose to restrict access to lots of Control Panel applet functions, including Display, Network, Passwords, Printers, System, Add/Remove Programs, etc.

Download security software: 1st Security Agent Pro 6.04

Developer: Ixis Research LTD

Universal Shield 4.0
Monday, 09 May 2005
Universal Shield 4.0 is the ultimate protection tool for your computer — hide files, folders, and drives, and set access rules using flexible security combinations for your most precious data.

Hide and password-protect your folders and set access rights using an encryption tool and protection wizard — all in one!

Download security software: Universal Shield 4.0

Developer: Everstrike Software

File Securer 3.75
Saturday, 07 May 2005
File Securer is a powerful tool designed to protect your sensitive folder and personal file. With strong security, File Securer embeds the protect into windows system kernel, both on command mode and window mode, all work professionally. With exceptional easy of use, File Securer let you be enabled to lock your folder and file any where.

Download security software: File Securer 3.75

Developer: Friday Software, Inc

Anti Tracks 5.1.2
Sunday, 01 May 2005
Anti Tracks is a complete solution to protect your privacy and enhance your PC performance. With a simple click Anti Tracks securely erase your internet tracks, computer activities and programs history information stored in many hidden files on your computer.
Anti Tracks support Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape, Mozilla FireFox and Opera browsers. It also include more than 100 free plug-ins to extend erasing features to support popular programs such as ACDSee, Acrobat Reader, KaZaA, PowerDVD, WinZip, iMesh, Winamp and much more.

Download security software: Anti Tracks 5.1.2

Developer: RIGHT Utilities Inc.

Asmw Eraser Pro 3.2
Thursday, 28 April 2005
Asmw Eraser Pro removes Internet tracks and past computer activities. It can quickly erase your cache, cookies, history, visited URLs, typed URLs, index.dat files, temp folders and more. The cookie-cleaning and typed URLs feature allows you to specify which item to keep, so that you don't erase your important login cookies or URLs. Asmw Eraser pro supports free plug-ins to extend cleaning features to support popular programs such as ACDSee, Acrobat, Microsoft Office, Kazaa, ICQ2003 and many others. Additional features include a secure file-shredder, scheduled cleanups and support for. Asmw Eraser Pro completely implements the US Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M and NSA clearing and sanitizing standards, You can then completely overwrite files with random characters making them unrecoverable by undelete or un-erase utilities giving you confidence that once deleted with Asmw Eraser Pro, your file data is gone forever and cannot be recovered. Asmw Eraser Pro Supports Multi language interface.

Download security software: Asmw Eraser Pro 3.2

Developer: Asmw Soft Systems

CD Secure 2.00
Monday, 25 April 2005
CD Secure prevents pirated copying and unapproved accessing your sensitive files and data in compact disk.
Piracy is main threat to CD publisher. For example, IFPI reports that Music CD piracy remains a huge US$4.5 billion illegal business. To personal user that records date in CD, unapproved accessing aloes threatens the sensitive data.

Download security software: CD Secure 2.00

Developer: Great-Wall Software Inc

Advanced Password Generator 2.86
Sunday, 24 April 2005
Advanced Password Generator is a Windows based application designed to generate passwords of any length or character content.
This application is used by network administrators, internet service providers and others to create and administer passwords. It is fast, small and easy to use.

Download security software: Advanced Password Generator 2.86

Developer: Segobit Software

Security Administrator 10.03
Tuesday, 12 April 2005
Protect your computer and restrict access to Internet with Security Administrator. This nice password-protected security utility enables you to impose a variety of access restrictions to protect your privacy and stop others from tampering with your PC. You can deny access to each individual component of several Control Panel applets, including Display, Network, Passwords, Printers, System and Internet Options. You can disable your boot keys, context menus, DOS windows, Registry editing, Internet and Network access. Hide your desktop icons, individual drives, Start menu items, or even the entire taskbar.

Download security software: Security Administrator 10.03

Developer: Ixis Ltd

Remove about:blank Buddy 4.5
Monday, 11 April 2005
Remove about:blank Buddy is a powerful tool to get rid of about:blank home page parasites.

Remove about:blank Buddy lets you keep about blank home page from changing by disabling home page hijackers and restoring original configuration.

Download security software: Remove about:blank Buddy 4.5

Developer: Scorpio Software

Protection Toolbar 1.1
Saturday, 09 April 2005
Protection Toolbar is an browser extension which provides you with an safer and easier browsing experience. It includes features such as a Popup Blocker, Privacy Protection, Magnification, Search Bar, and much more. The is a toolbar on your internet browser so all of its features are available no matter what page you may be viewing.

Download security software: Protection Toolbar 1.1

Developer: Software developer

Nsauditor Network Security Auditor
Thursday, 07 April 2005
Nsauditor is a network security scanner that allows to audit and monitor network computers for possible vulnerabilities, to see all open ports on your system and owner program names, including the process loaded modules, kernel objects, memory details, remote address and state of connections, dns name, country where from, service associated with connection, possible trojans associated with port and service description.

Download security software: Nsauditor Network Security Auditor

Developer: Nsasoft LLC.

Wipe Expert 1.31
Tuesday, 05 April 2005
Wipe Expert is a privacy protection tool that helps remove all traces of online and offline activity. Also with the help of our product you can free space from your hard drive by removing the unnecessary files. Our product uses special data patterns to erase files and make them completely unrecoverable.

Download security software: Wipe Expert 1.31

Developer: Bodrag

CubeSecurity 1.2
Monday, 04 April 2005
CubeSecurity is a complex solution that is designed to prevent an unauthorized using of text and graphical elements (in other words "grabbing") from your web-pages (hyper-text pages). If you need to protect your content from copying, saving to the disk or any other form of unauthorized using - this product is the ideal solution for you!
This product consists of main application and functional modules to provide different document encrypting methods.

Download security software: CubeSecurity 1.2

Developer: CubeReality

Evidence Exterminator 2.0
Monday, 04 April 2005
Evidence Exterminator cleans all PC usage history information. Clean up your cookies, history, temporary Internet files, browser's cache, Recycle Bin, and Recent Documents.

Download security software: Evidence Exterminator 2.0

Developer: IM-soft

SecureCentral PatchQuest 4.0
Monday, 04 April 2005
SecureCentral PatchQuest is automated patch management software for distributing and managing patches, security hot fixes, and updates across heterogeneous networks comprising Windows, Red Hat, and Debian Linux systems, in just a few clicks. It efficiently scans your enterprise network, identifies missing patches and software updates, distributes patches to vulnerable systems, and keeps your systems up-to-date.

Download security software: SecureCentral PatchQuest 4.0

Developer: AdventNet

Hide IP 1.1
Monday, 04 April 2005
Concerned about Internet privacy? Want to hide your IP address? Hide IP is the software you are looking for! Keeping your privacy is simple and easy: the only thing you need to do is open Hide IP. Hide IP will find the proxy server available to you and set it as your proxy server automatically. There is nothing need you to concern. Hide IP have done everything for you.

Download security software: Hide IP 1.1

Developer: Volcano Force

Advanced Windows Password Recovery 3.5
Sunday, 03 April 2005
Advanced Windows Password Recovery 3.5 is a program to recover all types of Windows passwords: logon password (when user is logged on and has Admin privileges), screensaver password, .NET Passport password, RAS and dial-up passwords, passwords to shared resources etc. The program also shows all users and groups (with their properties), allows to run any programs in other user's context, show password histrory hashes, read password hashes from SAM and SYSTEM files, reveal passwords hidden under the asterisks, enable disabled controls, and run brute-force and dictionary attacks on PWL files (Windows 9x). Finally, it shows product ID and CD key for Windows and Microsoft Office installations.

Download security software: Advanced Windows Password Recovery 3.5

Developer: ElcomSoft

ObjectWipe 1.1
Sunday, 03 April 2005
ObjectWipe is a solution to keep your computer privacy: wipe files, disk drives / flash memory and unused disk space so your data can never be accessed or recovered.

Program uses either fast or secure erase algorithms. Files and folders may be combined in wipe lists to erase them in a single procedure. Supports both the FAT and NTFS file systems.

Download security software: ObjectWipe 1.1

Developer: Regall, LLC

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